Pro-Natura Oasis Stagno Urbani - Marche

Pro-Natura Oasis Stagno Urbani - Marche

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Type of protected area - Where it is located

Typology: Pro-Nature Oasis and Provincial Wildlife Oasis established in 1997.
Marche region
Province: Pesaro-Urbino

LOasi Stagno Urbani is located along the left bank of the Metauro river in the Municipality of Fano (PS) four kilometers from the mouth.

Pro-Natura Oasis Pond Urbani (photo Argonauta Archive


The environmental restoration has brought back to the natural state some former quarries located in the riverbed of the Metauro, a few kilometers from Fano. The area has been transformed into an outdoor ecology laboratory with a visitor center, library and educational itineraries. A specific sector has been dedicated to the study and reproduction of the marsh tortoise.
In the deepest part of the Urbani pond there is a potamogeto vegetation, while the flooded tracts are covered with straw. The invertebrate fauna is rich while the barbel, the chub, the roach, the carp, the bleak and the languilla are present among the fish. Among the amphibians, the presence of the crested newt, the dotted newt, the tree frog, the emerald toad and among the reptiles of the water snake and the tessellated snake should be noted.
Nourished the list of water birds, sedentary or pass. During the migratory period, rare species such as the ostrich, the bittern, the black and white stork, the pinkthorn, the crane, the spoonbill, the shelduck, the plover, the albastrello and the osprey have been observed. small.

Information for the visit

Argonauta naturalistic association
Via Malatesta, 2
61032 Fano (PS)

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