Monte Altesina Regional Nature Reserve - Sicily

Monte Altesina Regional Nature Reserve - Sicily

Type of protected area - Where it is located

Typology: Oriented Regional Nature Reserve established with D.A.R.T.A. of July 25, 1997 n. 476
Region: Sicily
Province: Enna

The Monte Altesina Oriented Nature Reserve covers an area of ​​744 hectares in the municipal areas of Leonforte and Nicosia, in the province of Enna.

Monte Altesina - Monte Altesina Nature Reserve (photo G.M. Amato


Mount Altesina, with its 1,192 m of altitude, is the highest peak of the Erei and still has a very thick vegetation, consisting essentially of a holm oak mixed with downy oaks with clearings and reforestation with pine or eucalyptus.
The forest is populated by an interesting fauna, including mammals, such as a listress, several rodents, the Apennine hare, the wild rabbit, the wild cat and the fox, and some diurnal and nocturnal birds of prey.
Mount Altesina has been populated, since ancient times, by indigenous peoples, of which various testimonies remain and subsequently, starting from the Middle Ages, several hermits settled there who erected a convent next to the church of Santa Maria di Lartesina of which today only ruins.

Lecceta - Monte Altesina Nature Reserve (photo G.M. Amato

Information for the visit

State Forestry Company of the Sicily Region
Departmental Inspectorate of the Forests of Enna
Via Piazza Armerina - Enna
Tel. 0935 565401

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