Cattle breeds: Pinzgauer

Cattle breeds: Pinzgauer

Origin and diffusion area

The area of ​​origin is in the Salzburg region of Austria. It is a breed of ancient origin, rustic, robust and particularly suitable for mountain environments. A good producer of milk and meat, it is bred in the Bavarian Alps, Austria and South Tyrol (Val Pusteria). Also widespread in many Eastern European countries, in North and South America. In Italy it is also highly bred in Piedmont. It is one of 11 breeds belonging to the European Federation of Alpine System breeds (Abondance-France; Grigio Alpina-Italy; Herens-Switzerland; Hinterwälder-Germany; Pinzgauer-Austria; Rendena-Italy; Tarentaise-France; Tiroler Grauvieh-Austria; Valdostana-Italy; Vordelwälder-Germany; Vosgienne-France).
Since 1985 the Registry of autochthonous bovine populations and ethnic groups with limited diffusion has been established. This register was established to safeguard the endangered cattle breeds that are bred in Italy and to safeguard these genetic heritages. The following breeds have been accepted: Agerolese, Bianca Val Padana (Modenese), Burlina, Cabannina, Calvana, Cinisara, Garfagnina, Modicana, Cow Pisana, Pezzata Rossa dOropa, Pinzgauer, Pontremolese, Pustertaler, Reggiana, Sarda, Sardo-Modicana, Varzese .

Morphological characteristics

Coat color: piebald red (mahogany), with red that predominantly dominates. It has a typical white band that surrounds the body longitudinally (from the dewlap to the withers).
Red-mahogany-brown head.
Depigmented mucous membranes (red-mahogany).
Light and black horns on the tip.
Harmonic animals of medium-small size and stature.
Female height 130 cm
Live weight of females 5.5 - 6.5 quintals

Productive characteristics

Dual-purpose breed, with a prevalence for meat.
It is characterized by its great rusticity, longevity, fertility and adaptability to high altitude grazing.

Pinzgauer heifer

Pinzgauer breed bull

Video: Pinzgauer Weide-Ochsen beim Landgasthof Vogelsang in Weichering (November 2021).