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Giacomo Cellini

I was born in Forlimpopoli in 1982, since I was a child I have lived in the countryside surrounded by the most varied animals, dogs, horses, ferrets, cats and whoever has more, more of them. The first ducks arrived only in 2002, and it is no coincidence that we started with a pair of white Indian runners.
With my brother Riccardo and my father Andrea we started this long journey, cultivating what is becoming an endless passion. If my brother and father's studies remained in the "sector", mine went to the opposite side: a three-year degree in History and a specialist in Cultural Anthropology and finally a Master in Fundraising. I currently work for a Social Cooperative that deals with assisting cancer patients and financing Cancer Research.
But the passion is not over, indeed it is more alive than ever! In recent years we have decided to specialize in domestic ducks and in particular in the breeding and selection of the Indian runner. So we started to study all the books of the main experts in the sector, and through the web and social networks we started to create a network of knowledge and friendships with breeders and enthusiasts all over the world, with the aim of promoting the spread of correct information in this field. Genetics, history, the selection of these animals I'm passionate about. The cyclical repetition, of the born, of their growth, of the selection, of the shows and finally of the reproduction, for me is something magical. And every year seeing improvements in their animals is the main gratification of this difficult job.


  • E-mail: [email protected]
  • Amateur breeding of ducks, geese and ornamental chickens:

Giacomo Cellini

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