Atlas of wines

Atlas of wines

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This section is for all Italian wines with denomination of origin (Docg, Dop-Doc, Igp-Igt). The designations of origin are a mark of legal protection of the denomination that is attributed by the European Union to wines whose peculiar quality characteristics depend essentially or exclusively on the territory in which they were produced. The geographical environment includes both natural factors (climate, environmental characteristics), and human factors (production techniques handed down over time, craftsmanship, savoir-faire) which, combined together, allow to obtain an inimitable product outside a specific production area.
Riccardo Amedoro, student enrolled in the degree course in Viticulture and Oenology at the University of Florence, collaborated in its realization.

Atlas of Wines

We have collected in an easy-to-consult atlas (cards with images) all the Italian wines with denomination of origin, divided into DOCG, DOC-DOP and IGT-IGP wines. Click on the menu and select the desired wine.

Information to mariners

PDO, protected designation of origin; PGI, protected geographical indication; DOCG, controlled and guaranteed denomination of origin; DOC, denomination of controlled origin; IGT, typical geographical indication. List of spirit drinks with a geographical indication
The legislation on classification and labeling of wine products has been recently modified following the entry into force of the new CMO (Common Market Organization), sanctioned with the publication of Reg. Ce 479/2008 and Reg. Ce 555/2008 .

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