Breeds of dogs: American Toy Terrier

Breeds of dogs: American Toy Terrier

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Origin, classification and history

Origin: USA.
F.C.I classification: UNRECOGNIZED BREED

The American Toy Fox Terrier descends directly from the "Smooth Fox terrier". Its development takes place since 1930. It has been miniaturized in the United States with careful breeding and selection. The introduction of bloodlines from "Chihuahuas" and "Greyhound" have refined their characteristics and introduced some essential somatic details. The breed is not yet recognized by the F.C.I. and is currently seeking recognition from the AKC. The breed is recognized today by the following associations and organizations: UKC, NKC, NTFTA, APRI.

General aspect

Small dog, as its name says "Toy" which in English means "toy". Its height is approximately 10 inches, which corresponds to approximately 25 centimeters. Its weight is approximately 3.5-7 lbs, i.e. approximately 1.5-3 kg. His eyes are dark and round. The ears are V-shaped and erect. A definite stop separates the domed skull from the small narrow muzzle. The hair is short. The coat color is white with black and tan or tan spots. Other colors may also appear. His body is small but well built.


They are quite intelligent dogs. Very active, sometimes even hyperactive. It is a dog that can live very well even in an apartment, given its small size. It cannot tolerate very cold temperatures. In winter it is best to protect it as much as possible from the cold. It is very sensitive. Very pleasant and quite obedient breed. Some specimens of this breed have been trained to help handicapped people in the home, and to keep them company. Excellent companion.

American Toy Terrier (photo

American Toy Terrier (photo

American Toy Terrier (photo


The American Toy Fox Terrier Standard is not recognized by the International Cynotechnics Federation (F.C.I.). The breed is recognized by the United Kennel Club.

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