Leporidae: Pronolagus crassicaudatus

Leporidae: Pronolagus crassicaudatus

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Natal Rock Rabbit - Pronolagus crassicaudatus

Class: Mammals
Order: Lagomorfi
Family: Leporidae
Genus: Pronolagus
Species: P. crassicaudatus

Area of ​​origin: Africa (East coast of South Africa and southern Mozambique)

The greater rock or Natal rock rabbit is characterized by two subspecies:
- P. crassicaudatus crassicaudatus
- P. crassicaudatus ruddi
The species is widespread on the east coast of South Africa and in Monzambique.
Its habitat consists of medium altitude rocky areas with mint pastures and bushes.
It is a species with nocturnal and solitary habits.
Rest in the crevices of the rocks during the day. It feeds on leaves, herbs and fruits.
It is of large build, about 45 cm long and with a maximum weight of 3 kg.
The body is elongated, short legs, eyes and ears of reduced dimensions while the tail is large.
The hair is reddish brown with more accentuated rust tones on the legs, the nape and the tail.
On the croup the color is greyish brown grizzled with black like the ears.

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Natal Rock Rabbit - Pronolagus crassicaudatus (photo

Natal Rock Rabbit - Pronolagus crassicaudatus (photo

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