Horse breeds: Sicilian Indigenous Horse

Horse breeds: Sicilian Indigenous Horse

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Origins and attitudes

Sicily still preserves some of the oldest European horse breeds created by man and formed during the island's millenary Euro-Mediterranean history.
Among these, the Sanfratellano horse and the Sicilian Indigenous horse stand out and represent a unique example (which currently does not enjoy any protection, does not have a registry registry as in the case of Sanfratellano).
Areas of origin: Val di Noto, Val di Mazara, Val Demone mainly inaccessible and mountainous areas within the Terrasicilian area.

All in all, it has an attractive appearance, it adapts to the saddle and to the shot, with a good sweet character and underestimated. It expresses an image of strength, compactness, balance and can be considered a multipurpose horse for its zootechnical characteristics and zoological attributes.

Morphological characters

Type: meso-dolicomorphic.

Typical characters:
- Eye: expressive and of just width
- Small ears
- Neck: generally it is proportionate, pyramidal, muscular, of regular length
- Shoulder: muscular, dry, inclined (55 °) with free movements (Goubaux and Barrier)
- Garrese: not very pronounced
- Lumbar spine line: straight, broad, muscular, not very long in the lumbar region (excellent for extension and intensity) - well attached with the croup - Horse in the square (Iberian horse)
- Croup: long with good muscle development, rightly oblique, wide, this latest character denotes intensity of contraction, energy and impulse power of the hind limbs and it associates with a good chest width and chest depth
- Thigh: muscular, wide, long, well descended and well directed and therefore not too oblique, it forms a fairly large femur-tibial opening with the tibia
- Chest: wide with considerable contraction power in the right amount contained, with good development of the pectoral muscles
- Chest: deep, wide, with good development of the thoracic cage and the organs in exacontents
- Foot: hard and solid that expresses a strong constitution and this is always a distinct racist character
- Muscles: robust, strong, expressing power
- Tendons: developed, dry, solid, well detached on the bone
- Joints: wide and strong

Indigenous Sicilian saddle horse (photo

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